The journey of the dress

So let’s try this again.

I have this problem, I have a hard time finishing a project or idea. I start a million different projects but finishing them is a completely different story.  Part of it is laziness but a lot of the time I am nervous about the project; if it’s too difficult for my skill level or utterly failing at it.  A few months ago I decided to start an Etsy shop. I have a name, I have the store set up, I even have patterns and designs ready. Though trying to do all this while unemployed was a little difficult. I realized shortly that with no income buying supplies to make my products would be a bit difficult.

Jump to today, I have a job, part-time, but it’s not enough to cover my student loans and supplies so I have had to put the store on hold for a little while. My husband and I are moving in a few months anyway, which hopefully I can get a real start on the Etsy shop.

A few years ago I come across a blog post by Madalynne. I feel in love not just with the color of the dress and the slit up the sides showing a lace slip dress underneath. I set about finding the perfect fabric, I would have loved to try the natural dying that Madalynne did but I didn’t really have a ton of free time. Instead I scoured my favorite fabric store in Portland, OR, Mills End. I found a fabric that was a beautiful steel blue and it is amazingly soft and light. Made the first dress layer, I changed it a little bit. I didn’t want the top layer to be as full and I had a great 80’s maxi dress pattern that worked really well for this. Next came time for the lace slip dress. By the time I had found this project the dress that was used from Free People was no longer being made. Which was fine I had spotted a few lace fabrics at the fabric store and decided to make my own.

Again, my ability to procrastinate and push a project off came about. I hadn’t worked with lace before this project so I was looking for a pattern that I liked and came up with nothing. I was also so nervous about making it. I bought the lace (two different designs), and realized that during my search for lace I forgot about the style of this dress. The designs that I had chosen were too heavy. Still have the fabric, it is sitting in a container in the craft room, I have a lot of other ideas for it that I believe will work better for it. That I can talk about later.

Already during writing this post I have been distracted by what to play on Netflix, looking through Madalynne’s posts and looking through Pinterest (which is a black hole in and of itself). Back to the dress. I spent hours searching every corner of the internet for a lace slip dress I liked. Found one on Loved it, bought it. Still love it, just not for this project. It was so long that even with 4.5″ heels it was still too long. Time travel to the present, I have spent hours looking for a slip dress again. The one thing I forgot about, was being able to crochet my own lace dress. I love crochet and that is what will occupy the Etsy shop I am starting. It took me three years to realize that I could crochet my own lace dress. Then came the hours of searching again, this time for a lace dress pattern. I know for a fact that I just search so much because I become too picky, putting off whatever I am doing.

On Etsy I found a really great crochet pattern by MermaidcatDesigns. Loved all the patterns she had and will eventually buy all of them. For this specific project though I chose Dimension. Seriously, take a look at her patterns they really a beautiful and her instructions are painstakingly written in detail with pictures. I don’t mind crochet charts but I am a very visual person and I need the actual pictures.

Today I will be starting this dress. I have a dog, a cat and two kittens which make trying to do anything with yarn difficult but that will no longer be an excuse! I am hoping that making myself write posts about my progress will help keep me on a schedule. I have decided to wear this outfit to my friends wedding in August so that is my deadline. No more excuses, I will do this. That is what I keep telling myself to get pumped up to work on it. Yet I am still typing, I am not sure really how to end this. Maybe posting about this project will help me and maybe others. That is if someone reads this.


progress pic 1

Progress as of the end of the day. Not too bad if I do say so myself.



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